Tower Erection Winch

A mechanical winch designed to provide reliable and safe lifting operations for tower and mast erection for the electricity or telecommunications industries. Mounted on a sturdy trailer chassis with anchoring securing lugs. The four-speed gearbox offers a range of load and speed capacities to provide flexible lifting. Fitted with automatic fail-safe braking which ensures precise positioning. The unique mechanical load readout and controls are ergonomically positioned around the operating station. The mechanical design with no electrics or hydraulics gives high reliability and low maintenance.
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Key product features


Gear change, clutch (lift and lower), interlock, throttle, secondary disk brake. Note: automatic brake disengaged when powering down.


Diesel Engine with chain drive. Four speed gear box integral synchronous clutch, automatic sprag brake, final drive via pinion and ring gear on rope drum


Primary brake sprag spring applied on, clutch released when powering down. Secondary disc brake manually operated for additional load holding. Fold down spade anchors and fold away props

Maximum Load bottom of the drum Maximum Load top of the drum Rope Speed Rope Capacity Engine Length Width Height Unladen Weight Gross Weight
5000Kgs 2500Kgs Maximum 50m/min, Minimum 2m/min 300m x 16mm Dia Steel Wire Rope Water Cooled 4 cylinder quiet Diesel max 26Kw 3790mm 2000mm 1780mm 2000Kgs (without rope) 2300Kgs