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SureFast Woven Polyester Strapping

SureFast Woven Polyester Strapping has a similar breaking strain to steel banding but is only 16% of the weight of a similar specification.
  • 13mm, 16mm and 19mm wide options available
  • Length - Up to 1100m
  • Breaking Strain - Up to 725kg
  • Available for export available for export
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Key product features

Properties of Corded Polyester Strapping?

Woven Polyester provides a high level of product strength and durability. Crosswoven strands of polyester yarn are coated with cold glue to improve this strap’s rigidity and system strength. Woven strapping offers higher resistance to chafing and shearing – where a small cut at the edge of the strap spreads across its width under tension – so are suited to use with rough-edged consignments. It is typically used to secure medium to heavy items, providing good reliability to the product.  Woven Polyester strapping is excellent at retaining any applied tension over a long period of time and is less susceptible to tension relaxation which can be caused by different variables such as ambient temperature. It also does not lose as much tension as steel strapping systems on loads that become compressed or contract. Woven polyester is a cost-effective and safer alternative to steel strapping, offering bi-directional strength and split-resistance for harsher environments and suitable for securing heavy loads.

Benefits of Woven Polyester?

  • Non abrasive 
  • Strong and durable 
  • Re-tensionable 
  • Re-usable 
  • Equal Strength to steel strapping
  • Weather resistant  


Strapping Cat No

Width (mm)

Length (mm)

Approx Linear Break (kg)

SF8018 13 1100 375
SF8024 16 850 450
SF8026 16 600 600
SF8038 19 600 550
SF8040 19 500 750