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SureFast Woven and Corded Polyester Strapping Dispensing Stand

The SF1440 dispensing stand easily unwinds coils of Woven and Corded Polyester Strapping, preventing tangles which in most cases leads to wastage.
  • The dispenser includes a bucket for tool and buckle storage
  • Tubular construction makes it strong and light
  • Prevents Polyester Strapping from un-coiling or over-coiling thanks to spring tensioned bar
  • Available for export available for export

Key product features

Why use a Polyester Strapping Dispensing Stand?

SureFast SF1440 Strapping Dispenser for Woven Polyester Strapping and Corded Polyester Strapping is used to smoothly supply you with an organized stream of strapping that won’t get tangled. The stand has a spring that provides tension to the coil rod so that it does not unravel more than the desired length of Polyester Strapping, during the application. This means that there is less wastage and less chance of tangles which is important as tangles can affect the strength of the strapping.

Additionally, the SF1440 stand comes with a plastic bucket where tools and buckles can be stored which helps keep work areas tidy. The bucket storage also helps organization which has been known to increase productivity as less time is spent searching for the relevant hardware.

Works With ALL Corded Polyester Strapping Rolls

Corded Polyester Strapping is available in thin and standard sizes. The strapping dispenser is designed to work seamlessly with both variants of Polyester Strapping, which eliminates the need for multiple types of dispensers if both types of strapping are used. This in turn also reduces clutter within the work area as fewer tools are needed to be stored.


Prevents Wastage

When loose rolls of Polyester Strapping are handled in busy warehouses, they have the potential to unravel and become tangled. Often when a tangle occurs, workers cut the affected strap away and discard it to save time and effort. The dispensing stand minimises this risk which helps lower costs and wastage.