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SureFast Dispensing Trolley For Extruded Polyester and Oscillated Steel Band

The SureFast RBD406 strap dispensing trolley is designed to be used with Extruded Polyester Plastic (PET) Strapping and make life easier when working with PET strap.
  • Has a 406mm inner diameter core
  • Bucket included for tool and buckle storage
  • Ergonomic handle allows you to easily move the trolley
  • Available for export available for export

Key product features

About the trolley

The SureFast RBD406 Strapping Dispensing trolley is compatible with Extruded Polyester Strapping rolls that have an inner core diameter of 406mm.

The RBD406 trolley is made of sturdy tubular steel, making it light and portable, includes a bucket, where you can store your tools and buckles and is built with a strap break that prevents the coil from over rotating and feeding too much strap.

Advantage of the Trolley

It is recommended to use trolleys instead of stands for a couple of reasons. The first reason is health and safety. A trolley that is fully loaded is easier to manoeuvre around the warehouse without straining the worker.

The second reason is the cost. Instead of having one trolley in a workplace often multiple budget static stands are purchased to be placed around the warehouse/working area which ends up being a more expensive option.


How can this trolley prevent strap wastage?

When loose rolls of strapping are handled in busy warehouses they tend to have a lot of extra material which in most cases is cut instead of untangled. Stands offer clutter-free workspace as well as savings.


Dispensing trolleys are great when working with heavy rolls of strapping as they can be easily moved around the item that is being secured.