SureFast Corded Polyester Strapping - Green

Our coloured SureFast Corded Polyester Strapping range is available in 3 different colour options allowing you to easily group and identify different applications visually. The coloured Corded Polyester Strapping has the same advantages as the regular white strapping and can also be used with the same tools.

2 Coils Per Box

  • Colours – Green, Orange, Yellow
  • Size – 16mm wide x 850m long
  • Quantity – 2 Rolls per box
  • Available for export available for export

Key product features

Reasons to Use Coloured Strapping

Coloured Corded Polyester strapping has the same properties as the standard white version, the difference is that the coloured strap adds the benefit of being able to colour code items for identification purposes. You will most often see timber yards or scaffolders using different colours of Corded Polyester Strapping to identify either different diameter logs or necessary parts of the scaffolding.

Things to consider

Due to the relative softness of Corded Polyester Strapping, it is important to use corner protectors when securing applications with sharp edges. The sharp edges could damage or even cut through the strap if corner protectors aren’t installed.

Recommended Tools

SureFast Standard Plastic Strapping Tool

SureFast Plastic Strapping Tool

SureFast Swiss Plastic Strapping Tool

Recommended Buckles

SureFast Phosphated Buckles 

Compatible Buckles

SureFast Galvanised Buckles


Data Sheets

 Benefits of Corded Polyester Strapping

  • Weather resistant 
  • Corded Polyester Strapping is relatively soft which means it will not damage the secured application
  • Easily Discarded - You can put Corded Polyester into any ordinary rubbish bin
  • If the strap is driven over by vehicles like forklifts, corded polyester will not damage the tyres
  • The polyester strapping can be applied with one tool
  • Safe to use
  • Corded Polyester Strapping will not recoil when cut under tension