SureFast SF1412 Heavy Duty Strapping Tensioner Tool (up to 40mm)

Our SureFast SF1412 Heavy Duty Strapping Tensioner Tool is a high-quality tool which is able to both tension and cut corded, woven and composite polyester strapping that is up to 40mm wide.
  • Tensions up to 40mm wide strapping
  • Suitable for heavy duty strapping
  • Long lasting and reliable due to its high cast aluminum shell
  • Available for export available for export

Key product features

Product Information

When working with heavy duty lashing, which can have linear breaking strains of up to 3500kg, it is important to have a reliable tool that will secure all your strapping tightly. The SureFast SF1412 is perfect for the job as it will meet all your requirements without breaking the bank. The SF1412 tensioner tool can handle strapping widths of up to 40mm, allowing it to be used for heavy duty applications such as industrial storage or securing loads for transport. This SureFast Heavy Duty Strapping Tensioner is a popular choice particularly within the timber and oil and gas industries where 38mm strapping or lashing is used. Have a look at the video below for guidance on how to use the SureFast SF1412 Strapping Tensioner Tool.

Can the SureFast SF1412 tool be used on vertical surfaces?

Yes. It is seen as an advantage when a strapping tool can be used on vertical surfaces. As some strapping tools can only be used on flat packed items, this can sometimes turn out to be a problem when working with tall pallets. The SureFast SF1412 is the answer to all your problems as this tool can be used on both vertical and horizontal surfaces.