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SureFast Woven and Corded Polyester Strap Dispensing Trolley

The SureFast CSM-20 dispensing trolley is a must have when working with Woven and Corded Polyester Strapping. This specific trolley includes a container for tool and buckle storage.
  • Ergonomic Handle allows you easily move the trolley
  • Wheels allow full movement around the working area
  • Depleted rolls of strap can be replaced in a few easy steps
  • Available for export available for export

Key product features

Benefits of the Polyester Strapping Dispenser Trolley

The SureFast strapping dispenser trolley is used to quickly and conveniently supply you with a steady stream of Woven and Corded Polyester Strapping. Without a dispenser, Polyester Strapping can unravel and become tangled which often results in unnecessary wastage.

When a strapping coil has depleted, a new one can be installed in under a minute by just one person. The beauty of this tool is that you can take the polyester strapping to the application rather than having to move the application to the strapping. The ability to move the Polyester Strapping also helps keep warehouses tidy and organized as it can be moved to storage after each use.

It's design

The trolley is made from sturdy, tubular metal and comes with an ergonomically designed handle which makes moving the trolley an easy process. The trolley is also equipped with rugged wheels which helps you move the Corded Polyester Strapping over rough surfaces.


Convenient and Helpful

The included plastic bucket lets you store your buckles and tools needed for the strapping application. With the attached bucket, the trolley becomes a complete mobile strapping solution as you can move your Polyester Strapping and hardware together to wherever they are needed. Tools and equipment that are left on shelves or even floors can become damaged or lost making the SureFast strapping dispenser trolley a must have item for busy warehouses.