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SureFast SF1410 Heavy Duty Swiss Strapping Tensioner Tool (up to 40mm)

The SureFast SF1410 Swiss made Strapping Tensioner is a high-quality tool which is able to tension and cut plastic strapping such as corded, woven and composite polyester up to 40mm.
  • Tensions up to 40mm wide strapping
  • Suited for heavy duty strapping
  • Proves to be a long lasting, reliable tool due to its high cast aluminum shell
  • Available for export available for export

Key product features

Product Information

When working among Heavy Duty Lashing with linear breaking strains of up to 3500kg, it is important to have a reliable tool which will not fail when securing heavy items.

Similar to the SF1401 25mm tensioner, our SureFast SF1410 Strapping Tensioner Tool is made in Switzerland from high quality materials, making it one of the most reliable and consistent tools on the market.

Can the SureFast SF1410 tool be used on vertical surfaces?

Yes, it is seen as a high advantage when a strapping tool can be used on vertical surfaces. This is down to the fact that some strapping tools can only be used on flat pack items, which is seen as an issue when you are dealing with taller pallets. However, this SureFast SF1410 solves this problem as it can be used on both vertical and horizontal surfaces.

Popular choice in the Industry

The SureFast SF1410 Strapping Tensioner Tool can handle widths of up to 40mm, which allows it to be used in heavy duty applications such as strapping industrial machinery and securing heavy goods for transit.

This tool is also a very popular choice within the Timber and Oil and Gas industries where it sustains reliability and is resistant to most weather conditions.