PP1000 Portable Twin Capstan Winch

Safe, infinitely controllable pulling winch with variable speed from hold, through creep to full speed of 25mtr per minute. Ideal for pulling cables through ducts, in difficult locations. Reliable, easy to start Honda 5.5Hp engine with a centrifugal gearbox driving the main capstan gearbox and aluminium capstans through a flexible coupling.
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Key product features

Pullling Capacity Twin Capstains Engine Construction Anchor Points Speed Control Load Speed Dimensions Weight
1000kg 100mm Dia 5.5Hp (4kw) 4 Stroke Anodised Aluminium Fabrication Fitted Tested Shackles Throttle Lever Creep to 25m/min 65cms (L) x 39cms (W) x 42cms (H) (with handles removed) 50Kgs