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SureFast Composite Polyester Strapping - 13mm x 1100m

SureFast Composite Polyester Strapping (CC) is made from high tenacity polyester yarn embedded in a polymer coating. We recommend it is used with Galvanized (Shiny) steel buckles.

2 Coils Per Box

  • Soft, no need to use gloves
  • Protected against rough weather conditions and chemicals
  • Use with SureFast Galvanised (Shiny) Steel Buckles
  • Available for export available for export
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Key product features

Properties of Composite Polyester Strapping

Composite is light, flexible, contains no sharp edges so it won’t damage your products. It is weather and UV resistant and does not rot or rust. With high shock absorbency, if it stretches during impact, its elastic properties will shrink it back to its original shape. It is also abrasion-resistant and given that the join in any strapping is the weakest point, composite has high joint efficiency. For consistent and strong joining, composite buckles are recommended. 

Benefits of Composite Polyester Strapping

  • Soft and flexible 
  • Weather resistant 
  • As strong as steel
  • Cost effective
Strapping Cat No Width (mm) Length (m) Approx Linear Break (kg)
SF4402 13 1100 300
SF4406 16 850 425
SF4412 19 600 455
SF4414 19 500 650
SF4416 25 500 850
SF4420 32 300 1450