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SureFast Bale Strapping (13mm)

SureFast Bale strapping is Corded Polyester Strapping that is designed to be used in baling machines. Bale strapping is the simplest, most efficient way of dispensing and using Polyester Strapping.
  • Available Widths - 9mm, 13mm, 16mm
  • Available Lengths – 425m & 500m
  • Breaking Strain is Between 275kg and 460kg
  • Available for export available for export
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Key product features

Properties of Bale Strapping?

Bale Strapping is Corded Polyester Strapping which is also known as Cord Strap. Its made out of glued together polyester filaments which provide a high strength strapping system offering up to 2000kg of linear breaking strain. It is often a replacement for steel banding due to its significantly lower weight and ease of application.

Cord Strap is most often used for securing heavy pallets, containers or bulky industrial loads. Corded polyester strapping is a strong and safe material used in a variety of industrial applications including securing compressed waste materials in baling machines, this is why the product is also known as Balestrap.

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Benefits of Bale Strapping

The beauty of bale strapping is that it will dispense the Corded Polyester Strapping evenly until the roll is spent. When this happens, removing the spent roll from the baling machine and installing a new one is an easy, one man job that takes seconds. This means that no time is wasted. Bale Strapping is the same as regular Corded Polyester Strapping and therefore has the same advantages.

  • Lighter than steel band and just as strong
  • Weather Resistant
  • Corded Polyester Strapping is a soft material and therefore will not damage the application
  • Easily Discarded – bale strapping can be placed into ordinary rubbish bins
  • If for some reason a forklift drives over discarded strap, it will not damage the tyres
  • Safe to use
  • Corded Polyester Strapping will not recoil when cut under tension


Strapping Cat No Width (mm) Length (m) Approx Linear Break (kg)
SF4200 9 500 275
SF4202 13 500 375
SF4203 16 425 460