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SureFast Sealer Tool for Steel Banding

The SureFast Sealer Tool is used to crimp seals onto Steel Banding to secure heavy loads. These Steel Sealers are extremely durable and are ideal for heavy duty applications and within busy warehouses. We have a separate tool for each width of band.
  • Use with 13mm, 16mm or 19mm steel seals
  • Double Down Notch Seal for a strong and reliable connection
  • For strapping heavy pallets, brick or timber packs
  • Available for export available for export
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Key product features

Sealer for Steel Banding

Our SureFast Steel Banding Sealing Tool is perfect for when you want to safely crimp seals onto steel banding. With its ergonomic up and down handle system, the SureFast Sealer is an easy tool to operate.

This Steel Banding sealer has long handles for strong leverage and a comfortable application. The sealers within the tool clinch the metal seal firmly around the strapping, creating a double notch fastening, which ensures that your pallet will be tightly secured. Our Steel Banding sealer works best with heavy-duty applications and can be used on continuous occasions.

It is crucial to choose the tool which suits the size of your metal banding. Whether it be 13mm, 16mm or 19mm, there is a separate tool for each size, so be sure that you select the correct sealer and seals that match your desired size of strapping.

This SureFast tool is an essential item to have in any warehouse, and is ideal for export shipping and sealing steel strapping around heavy pallets, such as securing brick or timber packs.

Have a look at the video below for further guidance on how to use this SureFast Steel Banding Sealer Tool.

Two Tool System

This SureFast Steel Strapping sealer tool is used in conjunction with the RBTEN Steel Strapping Tension Tool or the RBTEN-HD Heavy Duty Steel Strapping Tension Tool as part of a two-part steel strapping system.

Once you have tensioned the Steel Banding with a tensioner tool, simply push a Snap-On metal seal over the band.

Recommended Tools

SureFast RBTEN Tension Tool for Steel Banding

SureFast RBTEN-HD Tension Tool for Steel Banding

Our Range

Reference Description
RB13SS For 13mm wide strap
RB16SS For 16mm wide strap
RB19SS For 19mm wide strap