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SureFast Sealless Tool for Steel Banding

The SureFast RB333 Sealless Steel Strapping Tool is a reliable 3 in 1 tool which can tension, seal and cut steel strapping all in one quick movement.
  • Suitable for Steel Band ranging from 13-19mm wide
  • Removes the need for seals
  • Eliminates the need for additional tools
  • Available for export available for export
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Key product features

About the All-In-One Tool

The SureFast RB333 Sealless strapping and banding tool will tension, seal and cut all steel strapping in a quick and efficient manner. This tool eliminates most of the strapping process, taking away the need for using multiple tools when strapping up a load, making the application process easier for you.

This SureFast tool is compatible with steel banding ranging from 13mm-19mm. Using this tool ensures a quick and effortless process, which could reduce your strapping costs, as there is no need for seals. This lightweight tool is ideal for strapping up flat packages such as pallets, bales, crates, cases and much more.

Advantage of Sealless Tool

This SureFast RB333 is beneficial as it can complete the strapping process in a quick and cheap way, as no seals or additional tools are needed. It differs as it doesn’t use a tensioner, seal or sealer to crimp the seal, advancing over other strapping tools.

Using the RB333 tool is a simple, straight forward operation, as the bottom handle tensions the band whereas the top handle seals the band. With minimal effort, you can produce high results with a high tensioning of the strap and a reliable closure.

Take a look at the video below for further guidance on how to use this Sealless Strapping Tool.

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The Simple 5-Step Application Process

  1. Feed the Steel Banding around the pallet or package you wish to secure.
  2. Load the strapping into this SureFast tool – both ends of the band are put together and put into a slot at the bottom of this tool.
  3. Pull the bottom handle up and down to tension the steel band, continue until the desired tension has been reached.
  4. Pull the top handle forward to crimp both ends of the steel band.
  5. Finally, remove the tool from the band.

Our Range

Reference Description
RB333/13 For 13mm strap
RB333/16 For 16mm strap
RB333/19 For 19mm strap