CDR2 Cable Drum Rotator

The CDR2 Cable Drum Rotators are suited for heavy-duty cable drums. In a straightforward application, the drums are simply rolled up the ramp onto the adjustable rollers, which allow them to spin freely.
  • All steel welded
  • 1 x fixed, 1 x adjustable and fitted sealed ball bearing
  • Ideal for steel wire armoured heavy duty cables
  • Available for export available for export

Key product features

The CDR2 is a heavy duty drum rotator. They are simply rolled up the ramp and placed on the adjustable rollers to allow it to spin safely and freely, ready to begin your application.

The CDR2 is a compact cable drum rotator for storing and opening cable drums. Smooth working rollers with heavy duty steel ball bearing provide better management of the cable without breaking or bending. These ball bearings are also "sealed", preventing water or dust entry on construction sites or in rugged environments. The bearings are encapsulated by durable zinc coated steel cylinders.

  • It will benefit from the ideal labor saving device for wiring, which saves you time and effort.
  • It will assist you and your staff with the recoil of the cable or wire during decoiling.
  • Easy to use, when the drum cable is in position on the drum cylinder, the reel can be easily rotated, making it easy to free the cable while controlling the cable.
  • For your benefit, it is equipped with a small ramp to make it easier for the drum to be loaded onto the rotator.
Diameter Width Max Payload Weight Size (Each)

Max - 2400mm

Min - 300mm

Adjustable 1500kg 54kg 1000mm x 225mm x120mm