Spindle Bars for Cable Drum Lifting Jacks

Made from a high-quality steel material, these solid bars are able to handle any kind of armoured cable drum of weights of up to 40 tonnes, adding extra piece of mind that all healthy and safety aspects are being abided by.
  • Durable
  • Paint finish
  • Locking Collars are provided on request
  • Available for export available for export
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Key product features

Spindle bars are used to support Cable Drum Lifting Jacks as part of the Cable Drum application. These high-quality bars are effective, easy to use and provide a strong, fabricated steel support to each application. Spindle bars can handle a wide range of cable drum weights.

Our Range

Product Max. Drum Weight Spindle Diameter Length Construction Weight Other
DS6 6tn 50mm 1800mm Tubular 18Kgs Recommended for use with SJ6 Screw Jacks & HJ3 Hydraulic Jacks
DS12 12tn 76mm 2100mm Tubular 53Kgs Recommended for use with SJ8 Screw Jacks & HJ6 and HJ10 Hydraulic Jacks
DS20 20tn 100mm 2900mm Tubular 100Kgs Recommended for use with JT20 & JT20L Jack Towers
DS30 30tn 127mm 4000mm Tubular 200Kgs Recommended for use with JT30L Jack Towers
DS40 40tn 140mm 4000mm Tubular 240Kgs Recommended for use with JT40L Jacks