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SureFast SuperTymer Steel Safety Cutter Tool SureFast SuperTymer Steel Safety Cutter Tool

SureFast SuperTymer Steel Safety Cutter Tool

The SureFast SuperTymer Steel Safety Cutter is a must have when working with steel band. This safety cutter has two rubber pads on each side and a cutter in between which, when cut, prevents tensioned steel banding from springing back into the operator.
  • Safely cut Steel Band under tension
  • Cuts up to 32mm wide band
  • Replaceable rubber pads make it a long lasting tool
  • Available for export available for export

Key product features

Quick Summary

Specifically designed for cutting steel band under tension, the low profile SureFast SuperTymer heavy duty steel safety cutter will easily and safely cut through the full range of ribbon wound and oscillated steel band up to and including widths of 32mm.

How does this tool work?

The SureFast SuperTymer Safety Cutter has a cutter and two rubber pads on each side. When the tool is used the cutter cuts the banding and the rubber pads hold down the steel band at each end reducing the chances of injury.

Have a look at the video below for further guidance on how to use this SureFast Super Tymer.

Where is this tool used?

Quite often, when heavy cargo is delivered, it is secured with steel band. Most people, who are completely unaware of steel band properties, will often use crowbars or standard steel cutters to release the goods, which can lead to injury to either your hands or head.

Only a few know that when tensioned steel band is cut it pings with great force, which makes this tool a must have in any warehouse.

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