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SureFast Extruded Polyester Strapping - 12mm | 12.5mm | 15.5mm | 19mm-SF6105 - 15.5mm x 1750m

Extruded Polyester Strapping (PET Strap) is as strong as steel banding and is often used to secure heavy industrial loads. PET can be secured with seals or friction welded.
  • Length - Up to 3000m
  • Thickness - Up to 1.0mm
  • Breaking Strain Range - 270kg - 820kg
  • Available for export available for export
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Key product features

Properties of Extruded Polyester

SureFast Extruded Polyester Strapping (PET) is a safer and more economical alternative to steel banding, most often used to secure heavy loads.

PET Strapping is stronger than Polypropylene Strapping which makes it ideal for heavy-duty applications such as securing bricks, timber, textiles etc..

How Safe is Extruded Polyester Strapping?

One of the major reasons why customers choose PET strapping is due to safety reasons. When Extruded Polyester Strapping is cut under tension it will not ping back as it does with steel banding, therefore reducing the chances of injury. Additionally, PET strapping can be handled without gloves as the edges are safe to handle.

Recommended Seals

SureFast Heavy Duty Seals

Compatible Seals

Benefits of Extruded Polyester

  • Lightweight 
  • Dull Edges
  • Reduced Environmental Impact
  • Reduced Waste
  • Recyclable 
  • As Strong as Steel
  • Increased Load Security 
Strapping Cat No Width (mm) Length (m) Approx Linear Break (kg)
SF6103 12 3000 270
SF6104 12.5 2600 240
SF6105 15.5 1750 440
SF6107 15.5 1300 580
SF6108 15.5 2100 380
SF6110 19 1000 800