CD20 Drum Trailer

If you are looking to transfer cable drums over a short or long distance, then you have come to the right place, cable drum trailers are your answer! Cable Drum Trailers are designed for safely unreeling and transporting various sizes of cable drums on UK motorways. This Highway Range of Cable Drum Trailers have many features:
  • Hydraulic hand pump operated lift
  • Safe and easy drum handling
  • Mechanical drum security lock
  • Available for export available for export

Key product features

About the Highway Range

Cable Drum Trailers are generally used for safe loading, transportation and for unreeling cable drums of different sizes. They are perfect for supporting cable pulling machines install cable lines overhead or underground.

All of our cable drum trailers are fitted with a single axle, which makes them a stable option for travelling down the motorway. The Highway Range are well equipped with braking and lighting systems, which clearly follow EEC directives.

Our Highway Cable Drum Trailers are available in a range of different sizes and adhere to various county requirements.

Is there a maximum speed limit?


The Highway Range of Cable Drum Trailers have a maximum towing speed of 100Kmh (62mph), making them perfect for standard motorway driving. They have been specially designed to comply with the standard road speeds indicated on UK highways and most other European countries, especially with a full load intact on the journey.



Key Features

  • Fitted with auto reverse braking and full lighting which conforms to EU directives.
  • Trailers are rated at a gross vehicle height of up to 6650Kg on UK roads.
  • Mechanical locks ensure cable drum security in transit when cable drum is lifted and raised.
  • Suitable for LV, HV Rail Cable Pulling


Our Highway Range have been fitted with standardized hydraulic hand operated pumps. This makes the application easier as it allows the trailers to be lifted and lowered easily in a simple process. The trailers are also held in place by mechanical locks when the drum is fully raised, ensuring that they stay secure while in transit.

Detailed specifications can be provided on request.

Our Range

Product Code Axle Type Payload (Approx) Gross Vehicle Height Maximum Drum Width Drum Diameter Spindle Diameter Tow Eye / Coupling Height Unladen Trailer Width Towing Speed Tyres Brake System
CD20*** Single Axle 830Kgs 1100Kgs 1075mm 1070mm Max, 570mm Min 50mm 50/590 1925mm 100Kmh 15⅝0R-13 Overrun Auto Reverse

*** Please Note! The cage on the model shown is not supplied as standard.