9mm Cobra Rods

The Cobra rodding system gives a compact and labour saving solution whether installing cables in ducts, threading draw ropes through pipes or surveying drains.
  • Robust steel frames with zinc plating
  • Highest quality, fibreglass reinforced construction
  • Faster and more economic than screw together drain rods
  • Available for export available for export
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Key product features

The SureFast Cobra Rodding System is a faster and more economical solution than traditional screw together duct rods and is available in standard diameters from 4mm to 14mm and a range of lengths from 60 to 500 metres to suit most applications.

The rods are supplied in robust zinc plated steel frames and the use of high quality fibreglass rod with a reinforced construction and high tensile strength ensures on-going reliability and strength.

The 4mm and 6mm units are free standing whilst the heavier 9mm, 11mm and 14mm units are supplied with wheels for mobility and ease of use.

Also available as Rod Only spare rod refill

Non-Standard Lengths available upon request.

  • Faster and more economical than screwing together drain rods for cable pulling or rodding
  • High quality 9mm reinforced fibreglass rod
  • Brass end fittings with smooth profile aluminium guiding tip
  • Rugged steel construction, Zinc plated.

Our Range

Product Diameter Length Weight
LCR9/60R 9mm 60m 26Kgs
LCR9/80R 9mm 80m 28Kgs
LCR9/100R 9mm 100m 30Kgs
LCR9/120R 9mm 120m 32Kgs
LCR9/150R 9mm 150m 35Kgs
LCR9/200R 9mm 200m 40Kgs