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SureFast Endless Round Lifting Slings - Yellow

SureFast Round Slings, from Reid Brothers UK, are a strong and robust way of moving immense weights in a safe and secure manner. These Round Slings are used for various different applications such as in construction.
  • Lightweight
  • Includes ID label
  • Compatible with lifting hooks
  • Available for export available for export
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Key product features


SureFast Round Slings, also known as soft slings or endless lifting slings, are made out of an endless loop of yarn, covered by a protective woven polyester jacket, ensuring product durability and safety when lifting heavy loads. These Round Slings are suited for carrying heavier loads, offering a great deal of protection.

Our SureFast Round Slings have a continuous imprint of their working load limit corresponding to 1 stripe per tonne. Every round sling is specially impregnated which makes it more resistant to abrasion and dirt.

These high-quality round slings can handle weights of up to 5 tonnes, making them a great alternative to heavy chains or wires. Each lifting sling in our range is colour coded, each different colour signifies a different lifting weight as the round slings are engineered to lift varying weights.

Strong and Reliable

SureFast Round Slings are very light compared to steel chains, this makes them ideal for carrying around on different jobs, with the ability to be folded away easily to save space. Cost is another advantage of these round slings over other alternatives as they are extremely wear resistant.

Additionally, they are soft to touch and less likely to cause damage to any items being lifted. Safe to use, these Round Slings will not cause injuries to the user such as cuts caused by broken wires, manual handling strains or impact injuries, which may arise if using alternative methods like wire rope slings.

Lightweight does not mean weak. Due to their design and strong materials, these Round Slings are capable of lifting up to 5 tonnes using various techniques such as the Straight Pull, Choke Lift and the Basket Lift.

SureFast Round Slings 3000kg Range

Reference Working Load Limit Colour Circumference
SF4568 3000kg Yellow 1m
SF4569 3000kg Yellow 2m
SF4570 3000kg Yellow 3m
SF4571 3000kg Yellow 4m
SF4572 3000kg Yellow 5m
SF4573 3000kg Yellow 6m
SF4574 3000kg Yellow 8m
SF4575 3000kg Yellow 10m