SureFast Ball Pein Hammer - 8oz

Ball pein hammers, sometimes referred to as the machinist hammer, are designed with one face flat and the other face rounded.
  • The SureFast 8oz Ball Pein Hammer is a must-have tool for every warehouse.
  • The hickory handle allows for a comfortable grip and the 8oz head is the perfect weight for effortless use.
  • The SureFast Ball Pein Hammer is an ideal tool for tapping down lugs and metal band when securing goods.
  • Available for export available for export

Key product features

The Surefast Ball Pein Hammer is a must have in the warehouse, the head weight of this hammer is 8 oz so it’s hefty enough to take on whatever you throw at it. It’s also been made from a hardened and tempered drop-forged steel alloy, which means it’s very strong and wear-resistant. The wooden handle is both lightweight and robust.