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SureFast Pusher Type Tensioner Tool for Steel Banding (19mm - 32mm)

The SureFast RBST32-PT tool is used to tension Steel Banding over heavy pallets or items. This tool accepts steel band from 19mm up to 32mm wide.
  • Compatible with heavy duty Steel Band</li>
  • Compatible with 0.9mm to 1.27mm thick Steel Banding
  • Can be used on horizontal and vertical axes
  • Available for export available for export

Key product features

What is this tensioner used for?

Our SureFast RBST32-PT Steel Band Tensioner Tool is a reliable tool used for tensioning Steel Band over heavy pallets and crates, compatible with metal banding which ranges from 19mm to 32mm. Due to its versatility and ergonomic design, this tool can be used on both horizontal and vertical axes.

This tensioner has a long handle with grips and an ergonomic framework which allows for an effortless application, even when dealing with the highest of tensions. The lever on this tool works as a ratchet in an up and down motion, which makes it easy to use. The RBST32-PT can be used to tension flat or irregularly shaped loads with a limited surface area underneath.

Operating Instructions

When using the RBST32-PT Tool, both ends of the metal banding are fed through the seal which forms a closed system around the application. Next, you insert the overlapping Steel Banding into the side of the tool.

The handle of the tool is used to tension the Steel Banding. Once your desired tension has been reached, a sealer is used to crimp the seal. After the system is secured by a crimped seal, the tensioner is then removed and the excess band is cut away with a steel cutter.

Please note that the seal and the sealer have to be the same size for the whole system to work. For example, if the steel banding you are using is 32mm wide, then a 32mm seal and a 32mm sealer should be used for the best results.