SureFast Single Bolt Flared Leg Bracket (for Sign Mounting)

This SureFast Single Bolt Flared Leg Bracket is used for mounting signs onto circular poles or lamp posts. These Single Bolt Brackets can be applied with SureFast Stainless Steel band and buckles to complete your application.
  • Grade 304 Stainless Steel
  • Reusable
  • Fully threaded to solidly anchor attachment bolts
  • Reinforced rib design provides additional strength to resist effects of stress, wind and vibration
  • 50 per box
  • Available for export available for export

Key product features

About Single Bolt Flared Leg Brackets

Our SureFast Single Bolt Flared Leg Brackets are the perfect choice for mounting traffic signs. Designed to be applied to posts that have a greater diameter than 3”, these single bolt brackets can withstand stress and wind vibration as they have been specifically created with reinforcement ribs.

As these brackets have a flared leg design this ensures a secure fit that locks each leg in place on round poles of almost every diameter, ensuring that your application will stay secure.

These Single Bolt Flared Leg Brackets are made from Grade 304 Stainless Steel, which is the most commonly used and produced grade of Stainless Steel. This is perfect for any application, but mostly for outdoor as it is resistant to corrosion and can handle both high and low temperatures, this also adds a reinforced ribbing for additional stiffness when dealing with your applications.

The bracket assembly can be reused for other applications.


These brackets can be applied with our very own SureFast Stainless Steel band and buckles to ensure for a secure, reliable application. It is recommended that you use 3/4" band when you are mounting this bracket onto round posts or when dealing with larger signs.

If you are purchasing these bolts, the range comes with a single bolt flared Stainless Steel bracket, a Stainless Steel bolt, washer and fibre washer. The 3/4" slot is beneficial as it allows for a single or double wrap of Stainless Steel band when mounting your signs. The metal and fibre washers are provided to absorb vibrations and make for better clamping.



  • Traffic Signs
  • Security Devices
  • Enclosures

Single Bolt Flared Leg Brack-It Range

Reference Description Thickness Package Quantity Package Weight
SF2604 Single bolt flared leg SS Bracket with SS bolt, washer and fibre washer. ¾ " slot 0.070" / 1.78mm 50 / Box 7.0lbs / 3.2kg