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SureFast 2 Bolt Bracket (for Sign Mounting)

SureFast 2 Bolt Brackets are used for mounting signs to circular poles or lamp posts. Our 2 Bolt Brackets come with 50 Brackets per box, with optional accessories available in a separate pack to ensure a secure application.
  • Withstand stress and wind vibration
  • No nuts required as hex head bolts with metal and fibre washer
  • 50 brackets per box
  • Available for export available for export

Key product features

About 2 Bolt Brackets

Our SureFast 2 Bolt Brackets are primarily used to mount signs onto applications for durability. They can be applied as part of a mounting system with SureFast Stainless Steel Band and Buckles. Our SureFast 2 Bolt Brackets are made from high-quality Stainless Steel which has been manufactured to a high strength.

Installation is made simple as these SureFast 2 Bolt Brackets have a straight leg, meaning they can be applied onto a flat surface or can be used to straddle the shape of fluted poles such as lampposts.

Before you install any signs, ensure that you have considered any environmental conditions around where your application is going to be placed such as wind load and vibration, to confirm you have the correct bracket for your sign.

These SureFast 2 Bolt Brackets can withstand stress and wind vibration as they have been specially designed with reinforcement ribs, which adds additional stiffness.


Traffic Signs

Security Devices



Here at Reid Brothers UK we have created an additional pack with accessories for you which include Stainless Steel bolts, washers, and fibre washers which will hold your sign up securely without staining or tearing the sign face.

Reference Description Thickness Package Quantity Package Weight
SF2608 2 bolt straight leg SS Brack-It with SS Bolt, washer, and fibre washer. ¾" slot 0.070" / 1.78mm 50 / Box 9.2lbs / 4.2kg