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SureFast Back To Back Clips (for Sign Mounting)

Our SureFast Back to Back clips are used to attach two signs with their backs facing each other onto a circular pole.
  • 1 x M8 Stainless Steel Bolt per clip
  • Stainless Steel
  • 100 per box
  • Available for export available for export

Key product features

About Back to Back Clips

SureFast Back to Back Clips are used for mounting traffic signs back to back onto circular poles or lamp posts at an even height. Choosing Back to Back clips for your application is advantageous as they allow signs to sit on posts in an even and tidy manner, holding a strong structure.

For every sign you wish to mount you need to use 2 clips per channel to get effective use out of these brackets, otherwise, they will not function properly and your sign will not stay upright.

Our SureFast Brackets are designed to securely hold signs at the same heights, avoiding channel extrusion. When the signs are lined up at the same height it ensures installation is secure and aesthetically pleasing.

Although it must be noted that these clips can be applied to a range of differing diameters of posts, so you must use the appropriately sized back to back clips to suit your application.


  • Road signs where signs are displayed on both sides

How to Apply

SureFast Back to Back clips are fitted with M8 bolts in each application, two clips are required per channel. It is recommended to use our SureFast Anti-Rotational Clips to attach the first sign to the application, the same way that you would with any other road sign, to hold the sign up.

Then, with the second sign, line it up with the first, and use the two SureFast Back to Back clips to hold this sign at the same height, while keeping the nuts and bolts attached.

Our Range

Reference Size Quantity
SF2668 76mm 100 per box
SF2669 89mm 100 per box
SF2671 114mm 100 per box
SF2673 140mm 100 per box