SureFast Y Sign Brackets (for Sign Mounting)

SureFast Y Sign Brackets are used to mount signs onto circular poles or lamp posts. Manufactured from Stainless Steel, our Y Sign Brackets are a high quality, reliable product for mounting various applications.
  • Height - 3" (2" from the bend)
  • Bracket width – 1.5” (38mm)
  • No nuts required as hex head bolts with metal and fibre washer
  • Available for export available for export

Key product features

About SureFast Y Brackets

SureFast Y Brackets from Reid Brothers UK are made from grade 201 Stainless Steel which provides superior strength for your mounted application. Our Stainless Steel is manufactured to the highest quality ensuring that these Y brackets are resistant to high heat and weather corrosion, which is ideal if your sign is going to be placed outside to face all weathers.

With 50 brackets to a box, our SureFast Y Brackets have two 3/8” holes which are used for mounting the sign on.

They can also withstand major factors such as stress and wind vibration as they have been specially designed with reinforcement ribs for added strength and durability when securing signs to poles or barriers.

Easy to Use

SureFast Y Brackets are easy to use and install, they can be attached to a post with our SureFast Stainless Steel Banding or Tamtorque Clips.

The application process for SureFast Y Brackets is simple, they are attached to a post in the same way that L-Mount Brackets are. The perfect tool for this application is our SF1200, SureFast Tensioning Tool for Stainless Steel Banding.



  • Mount Traffic Signs
  • Security Devices
  • Enclosures