SureFast HTS Hand Tension Tool

The SureFast Hand Tensioner Tool (HTS) is an economical strapping tensioner that can easily fit inside your pocket. This is a practical tool that is ideal for use with small to medium packages.
  • Hand pull tensioner
  • Has an in-built cutter
  • Compatible with up to 19mm strapping
  • Available for export available for export

Key product features

Less is more

Our SureFast HTS Hand Tensioner Tool is ideal for strapping up light items either for storage or shipping. Lightweight itself, it is the most portable strapping tool that is available in the industry. This tool can quickly tension and cut the strapping used in a few simple steps.

Despite being small, the HTS is still strong and durable. This handy little tensioner saves your hands from wear and tear while being quick and easy to use. Designed for hand tensioning, it also comes equipped with an in-built cutter, to cut your desired strapping.

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