SureFast Heavy Duty Orange Woven Polyester Lashing

SureFast Heavy Duty Woven Polyester Lashing has a similar breaking strain to Steel Banding and is excellent for strapping heavy industrial items.
  • No need to use gloves due to softness
  • Corrosion, Oxidation, UV, Chemical and Weather resistance
  • Can be re-tensioned for repeated use
  • Available for export available for export
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Key product features

Can Woven Polyester Lashing be a replacement for Steel Banding?

Yes. Woven Polyester Lashing is often used instead of Steel Banding to prevent the damage to the cargo that steel banding can do. Additionally, woven lashing can be easily tightened at any point during transportation.

With a range of options that include different lengths and breaking strains, SureFast Heavy Duty Woven Polyester Lashing is a viable alternative to ratchet lashings and steel band for one way strapping systems.

Benefits of SureFast Heavy Duty Lashing

Safe and easier to apply than steel with a great deal more versatility and shock absorbency

Saves time and expense when compared with other methods i.e. steel banding, ratchet straps, wire, shoring/bracing with timber, welding etc

Woven Polyester Lashing is easily dispensed from the bag

Simple to use – all that is required is the strap, buckles and the tool

Versatile – the continuous length which is contained in the bag enables the user to make-up straps to desired lengths, greatly reducing wastage of materials and time

Safer for the recipient to unfasten at destination

Easy disposal

DNV certification can be supplied


Our Range

Width Length Breaking Strain Colour
25mm 300m 1400kg Orange
32mm 250m 2300kg Orange
32mm 250m 2300kg Orange
38mm 200m 3500kg Orange
38mm 200m 3500kg Orange