SureFast Heavy Duty Oscillated Steel Banding Trolley

  • Compatible with oscillated steel banding coils
  • Suitable with 13mm, 16mm and 19mm widths
  • With wheels for easy movement
  • Available for export available for export

Key product features

The SureFast Heavy Duty Oscillated Steel Banding Trolley is a step up from the standard Trolley. It has a much more rugged construction meaning it can take a lot more punishment and is more resistant to wear and tear.

Every aspect of this trolley, from the improved protection on the wheels to the steel container for buckles and tools being built into the trolley, represents a significant jump up in quality and reliability

About this Steel Banding Trolley

This trolley is a necessity when working with oscillated steel banding as the natural weight of the rolls range from 20kg to 40kg.

Due to the large amount of weight, if no stand or trolley is used, it is enough to hinder the user from efficient workflow.

Who might use this product?

This  trolley is mostly used by individuals who are responsible for securing heavy loads. It is an excellent way to eliminate the hassle of carrying around extremely heavy steel banding rolls as well as tools.

It is also a great fit for those with small businesses who frequently bundle or haul loads that are reinforced with steel strapping material.

Where can this product be used?

This product is most useful in settings where shipping, packaging or bundling of products is done. It can be easily transported around a warehouse or even in a small garage.