Band-IT Single Bolt Straight Leg Brack-It

Band-IT’s Single Bolt Straight Leg Brack-It is used to mount signs onto circular posts or lampposts. The straight leg of these Brack-It’s ensures a secure fit for each application.
  • Can be reused
  • Thickness – 0.07”
  • 50 per box
  • Fully threaded to solidly anchor attachment bolts
  • High tensile stainless steel
  • Available for export available for export

Alternative Products Available

This product
SureFast Single Bolt Flared Leg Bracket (for Sign Mounting)

Key product features

About the Straight Leg Brack-It's

Easy to install, these Single Bolt Straight Leg Brack-It’s are designed to mount signs onto posts with a diameter greater than 14”, adding extra strength to applications on circular, square or wooden poles.

Band-IT Single Bolt Brack-It’s have a 3/4" wide band slot which allows either a single or double wrap of Stainless Steel Banding round an application, dependent on how secure you wish it to be. Ensure you are using the correct size of banding to fit the Brack-It before you begin mounting your application.

Made with specially designed reinforcement ribs, these Brack-It’s provide additional strength to signs to resist the effects of stress, wind and vibration. Also designed with high-quality stainless steel, they keep a level of durability, supporting the signs while they are mounted.

What can I use?

These Brack-It’s can be secured with Band-IT Stainless Steel Band, Band-IT ValuStrap, or our very own SureFast Stainless Steel Band.


  • Mounting traffic signs
  • Security devices
  • Enclosures
  • Control Boxes

Single Bolt Straight Leg Brack-It Range

Reference Description Thickness Package Quantity Package Weight
D00189 Single bolt straight leg SS with SS bolt, washer and fibre washer. ¾" slot 0.070" / 1.78mm 50 / Box 7.0lbs / 3.2kg
D00499 Single bolt straight leg SS Brack-It only. ¾" slot 0.070" / 1.78mm 50 / Box 5.6lbs / 2.5kg