Band-IT C40099 Ratchet Tool

The Band-IT C40099 Ratchet Tool is a portable tool which is used to tighten and trim BAND-IT steel strapping.
  • Portable and reliable tool
  • Works well with medium strength applications
  • Tensions and cuts tail of the clamp being formed
  • Available for export available for export

Key product features


The Band-IT C4099 Ratchet Tool is a high-quality tool which is made from 1045 carbon steel, which is resistant to impacts and wear. Extremely portable, this fast and reliable ratchet tool accepts strapping that is between 3/8” and 3/4" wide, and up to 0.03” thick.

This heavy duty C4099 Ratchet Tool is used to apply stainless steel band and other miscellaneous strapping to applications such as sign mounting, securing cables or wires, installing insulation and it excels in palletising and general banding, when applying band and buckles.

This Band-IT Ratchet tool works best on coated or painted band due to its gripping mechanism.