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SureFast SF1250 Ratchet Tool for Stainless Steel Banding

The SureFast SF1250 Ratchet tool is capable of tensioning Stainless Steel and Steel Banding ranging from 3/8” to 3/4", in a thickness up to 0.03”.
  • Highly portable, fast and reliable tool
  • Tensions and cuts off the tail of the clamp being formed
  • Use for medium strength applications
  • Designed for easy loading and removing of material
  • Available for export available for export

Key product features

About the tool

The SF1250 Tensioner Tool is a heavy duty ratchet banding tool that winds the banding around a slotted windlass shaft to develop tension. Designed for stainless steel, this tool is fast, reliable and features a cutter to cut the strap once the band has been tensioned. This tool also features a hammer knob which allows you to hammer down and close the tabs of the buckle once the tensioning has been completed. This SF1250 is popular for sign mounting, insulation work and other general banding applications.


  • Sign Mounting
  • Cable Bundling
  • Small Enclosure Box Securement
  • Insulation-pipe covering
  • Small Pipe Banding