SureFast Guard Lock Seal - Tin Plated

The Guard Lock is an economical fixed-length flat metal truck security seal with rolled edges for ease of handling; Tin Plated
  • Hook-lock mechanism that locks securely with one simple motion
  • A rugged seal that, once engaged, is easily verifiable for positive closure
  • Safety rolled edge for easy handling
  • Available for export available for export

Key product features

Product Information

The Surefast Guard Lock is an economical fixed length seal. All metal parts are made of sheet metal. This ensures a high sealing safety at tension and flexing resistance. These seals represent the ideal solution for sealing trucks in a customs transit. This security seal is a metal seal, and suitable for securing trailers and container doors.



Features and Benefits

  • Locks in on simple motion
  • Safety rolled Edges for ease of use
  • No tools required