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SureFast Cable Tie Tensioner Tool

The SureFast SF1228 Cable Tie Tensioner Tool is an ideal tool for both tensioning and securing ball lock Stainless Steel Cable Ties.
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Key product features

How to use this tool

  1. Loop the cable tie around the bundle or load you want to secure. Insert the tail into the buckle and pull tight by hand.
  2. Slide the tail of the cable tie into the side entry and position the tool against the base of the buckle.
  3. Squeeze the handle to tighten the cable tie to achieve the desired tension you want to reach.
  4. Maintain final handle pressure and rotate the cutter bar upwards to cut off any excess material.

Key Features

  • Easy and comfortable to use and hold
  • Tensions and manually cuts stainless steel cable ties
  • Flush cutting
  • For high volume applications
  • High-quality construction for long life
  • Easy to use providing strong, secure fixing of Stainless Steel Cable Ties