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Band-IT M50389 Multi-Lok Tool

The Band-IT M50389 Multi-Lok Tool is an ideal tool for tensioning and cutting Multi-Lok Stainless Steel Cable Ties.
  • Compatible with both coated and uncoated ties
  • Designed to accept 5/16" and ½" Stainless Steel Cable Ties
  • Weight - 0.454kg
  • Available for export available for export

Key product features

About the tool

The Band-IT M50389 Multi-Lok Tool quickly, easily and consistently applies any size of Multi-Lok Cable Ties, as well as most other self-locking ties that are available, such as stainless steel, nylon or plastic.

In a straight forward application, you simply adjust the Multi-Lok Tool to reach your desired tension, slide the Multi-Lok Tie into the slot or side load and squeeze the handle. Once the proper tension has been reached, the Multi-Lok Tool automatically cuts the tail off of the flush with the buckle.