Band-IT KE9229 Tensioning Tool

The Band-IT KE9229 Tensioner Tool both tensions and cuts off Ball-Lok and Multi-Lok Cable Ties of up to 12mm wide, regardless of the material or coating.
  • Weight: 0.567kg
  • Fastens and cuts Stainless Steel Cable Ties
  • Adjustable tension prevents over tensioning of ball-lok ties
  • Available for export available for export

Key product features

How to use this tool

- Loop the cable tie around the bundle or load you wish to secure. Insert the tail into the buckle and pull tight by hand.

- Slide the tail of the cable tie into the side entry and position the tool against the base of the buckle.

- Squeeze the handle to tighten the cable tie to the desired tension you want to reach.

- Maintain final handle pressure and rotate the cutter bar upwards to cut off any excess material.