SureFast Tamtorque T Bar Driver SureFast Tamtorque T Bar Driver

SureFast Tamtorque T Bar Driver

The SureFast Tamtorque Sign Fixing Clamp System is an innovative and reliable way of fixing signs to round poles.
  • A screwdriver and T-bar combination
  • tool with non-removable bit.
  • Available for export available for export

Key product features

These Clamps are extremely popular due to their patented system that makes them tamperproof. The SureFast Tamtorque Clamps can only be tightened by a seven-sided power tool bit, which we supply on its own, in a square socket bit or with a manual combination tool driver!

If you require a ratchet a Socket Bit and a Ratchet spanner – we've got you covered. The SureFast SF2715 contains both of these items so when you receive your order you can start erecting the signs straight away!

Reference Tool Description
SF2718 Combination Manual Tool Driver A screwdriver and t-bar combination tool with non-removable Tamtorque bit