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SureFast Single Use Slings

SureFast Single Use Slings, also known as One Way Slings are used to lift and transport items from one destination to another, and as the name suggests, they cannot be reused.
  • Easy to Use
  • Low cost, simple design
  • Stronger and more compact than rope or wire rope alternatives
  • Saves time and costs on slinging and re-slinging loads
  • Available for export available for export

Key product features

What are SureFast Lifting Slings?

‘Single Use’ or ‘One Way’ means that these Lifting Slings must be only be used for lifting items in a specific manner without being reused anywhere else. These slings may be used for multiple lifts on the load they are primarily attached to, however, they must not be removed and re-used on another load.

To save costs, manufacturers will often use Single Use Slings on factory lines to move a specific item between service points. Between each of these moves, the One Way Slings should never be unhooked, it should only be tucked away if needed. Additionally, manufacturers often use them to transport goods to the end customer where these slings are then discarded.

These SureFast One Way Slings are designed to stay with a load throughout the journey. Single Use Slings are popular within steel yards, pipe manufacturers as well as for lifting and transporting large structures in the construction industry.


SureFast Single Use Slings must only be used once for the transportation of goods.

The SureFast Single Use Slings are also known as One Way slings. It is important to know both names of these slings to fully understand how they can be used to ensure the safety of others and the products being handled.