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SureFast SF1412 RND Strapping Tensioner Tool (up to 40mm)

The SureFast SF1412 RND is a handheld tensioner with a unique ‘nose’ which tensions strapping such as corded, woven and composite polyester strapping around applications with round edges.
  • The unique nose allows you to tension strap on round objects easily
  • Tensions up to 40mm wide strapping
  • For use with a buckle/clip and strap
  • Available for export available for export

Key product features

Product Information

The SureFast SF1412 RND Strapping Tensioner is a versatile handheld tensioner that can tension and cut strapping on round and flat surfaces. The unique nose of the SF1412 RND allows the tool to bundle round objects such as pipes or timber on either end of the buckle. This ‘nose’ is what makes this tool more versatile than other tensioners.



How to use this strapping tensioner?

Similar to flat packed objects, the SF1412 RND Strapping Tensioner is used in the same way as any other standard tensioner. When it comes to securing round objects such as pipes and timber, the same strapping procedure should follow as for flat packed objects, except the strap should not be placed on the gripper plate.

The strapping should go through the front 'nose' of the tool, the cutter sleeve and the windlass. When the tool is positioned correctly in place for the strap to be tensioned, the tools’ ‘nose’ will use the buckle as a stop. When the tensioning is over, the handle should be pressed down to cut the strap and then to release the tool from the system.

Have a look at our YouTube channel for guidance on how to use this product and many other products we supply here at Reid Brothers UK.