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SureFast SF1200 Tension Tool for Stainless Steel Banding

This SureFast Stainless Steel Tensioning Tool is used in conjunction with Stainless Steel Banding and Buckles for clamping and bundling purposes. We have full kits available.
  • Will tension 3/16" up to ¾" wide Stainless Steel Band
  • Attach the gripper to the band and spin the handle to create tension
  • Epoxy coating provides protection from corrosion and oxidation
  • Available for export available for export

Key product features

About the SureFast SF1200 Tension Tool

The SureFast SF1200 is a high-quality tool that is used to tension and cut different widths of Stainless Steel band from 4.8mm to 19mm (3/16” to 3/4") wide. The SF1200 is an easy to use tool that can provide tension of up to 2400lbs of force, weighing just 4.3lbs itself, is compact enough to be easily transported to different projects.

Perfect when used in conjunction with stainless steel buckles, the SF1200 tensioning tool features a built-in band cutter, which cuts the strap after tensioning, ensuring that the strap can be pushed down between the buckle tabs before they are hammered down. The SF1200 allows you to keep the products intact simply by using a spin handle retaining ring. This stainless steel band tensioning tool is ideal for both round and irregular shaped packs of all sizes.

Quality Build

Our SureFast Stainless Steel Tensioning tool was built to last. It is ideal for heavy-duty applications such as cable clamping, concrete pumping, hose clamps, and railway sleeper banding applications. It is often used for cable laying, sign mounting, pipe marking, within the oil and gas industry, as well as marine and construction industries, to name a few.

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How to use this tensioner

  • Slide the steel banding onto the buckle and pass it around the object
  • Loop the steel strapping once more through the buckle for extra strength
  • Install the stainless steel band into the opening of the tool nose and grip
  • Turn the handle to apply tension to stainless steel banding
  • Pull the handle to cut the banding
  • Hammer down the tabs of the steel buckle to secure the strap in place