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Strap Feeder

Strap Feeder simplifies the process of feeding the strapping under a pallet , Polyester Strapping can be attached on both ends of the feeder. This is a 'must have' where plastic strapping is used is secure awkward applications.
  • High speed manual feeding of strap through pallet frame
  • Suitable for all plastic straps of widths and thicknesses
  • Sprung steel finger at tip of probe securely holds strap end without damage
  • Available for export available for export

Key product features

The Strap Feeder is a long stick to help quickly feed the plastic strapping under pallets. The strap feeder has a metal spring loaded clip on the end that holds the strap in place while you slide the plastic strapping under the pallets. The under pallet strapping feeder can be used with either polyester or polyproplyene strap and allows for the strap to be pushed under the pallet preventing the strap from getting caught on the pallet. The Strap Feeder speeds up the process of strapping pallets.