Band-IT Signal Mounts

Band-IT’s Signal Mounts are used to mount signs onto circular posts or lampposts. These signal mounts are manufactured to achieve and maintain a strong and secure grip on all components.
  • 25 per box
  • No nuts are required as hex head bolts with metal and fibre washer
  • Radius of standard signal mount accommodated a large range of pole diameters
  • Available for export available for export

Key product features

About Signal Mounts

Signal mounts can be applied to any pole or post with either Band-IT or SureFast 3/4" Stainless Steel Band. Narrow back style signal mounts are also available and can be used on poles with smaller diameters, or for sign mounting on poles with flat surfaces.

These Band-IT Signal Mounts have been specially designed with reinforcement ribs which help to prevent stress, wind and vibration from affecting the application.

Made from aluminium, these Signal Mounts have been engineered to achieve a strong and secure grip on all components, providing superior corrosion resistance, while holding the support system together.



  • Traffic Signs
  • Security Devices
  • Enclosures

Band-IT Signal Mounts

Reference Description Package Quantity Package Weight
D04099 Signal Mount, 1-½" NPT 25 / Box 19.4lbs / 8.8kg
D04599 Narrow Back Signal Mount, 1-½" NPT 25 / Box 18.3bs / 8.3kg