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Band-IT K50289 Ball-Lok Tool

The Band-IT K50289 Ball-Lok Tool is a hand tool made from alloy steel which is ideal for installing Ball-Lok Stainless Steel Ties of up to 7.9mm (0.310”) wide.
  • Weight - 0.454kg
  • Length - 6.0 inches
  • Compatible with both coated and uncoated ties
  • Ball-Lok Tool Replacement parts are available
  • Available for export available for export

Key product features

About The K50289 Tool

This Band-IT K50289 Ball-Lok Tool allows you to install Stainless Steel Ties quickly and easily without any fuss. Compatible with both Ball-Lok and Self-Lok ties, this hand tool allows you to consistently tension your Cable Ties, with the option of side loading each of your applications.

Once you have reached your desired tension, this tool cuts off the excess ‘tail’ with the buckle, taking away any sharp edges and eliminating the need for a secondary cutting procedure.

The K50289 is made with a compact design, being easy to use. Its lightweight construction makes it portable making it easy to carry around, especially when dealing with multiple applications. This tool has the option to adjust the controlled tension to suit each of your applications, and still continually produces results.