Band-IT S35099 Automatic Air Tool

The Band-IT S35099 Automatic Air Tool is used to clamp a high volume of applications in a short amount of time. Suited for clamping Band-IT Junior Smooth ID Clamps and Junior Preformed Clamps, this tool will automatically tension each application and cut the tail of the clamp off after the roll-up and lock process has been completed.
  • Width- 17” (431.8mm)
  • Height – 18.5” (469.9mm)
  • Weight – 135lbs (61.2kg)
  • Depth (Overhead) – 21.5” (546.1mm)
  • Depth (Chassis) – 11” (279.4mm)
  • Replacement parts are available on request
  • Available for export available for export

Key product features

About the Automatic Air Tool

This Band-IT S35099 Automatic Air Tool is heavy duty production tool with a foot pedal operation, which works well mounted on a bench. With a straightforward application process, this tool can install Band-IT Stainless Steel Junior ID Clamps in a range of widths including 1/4” to 3/4”, in a choice of different diameters.

This Automatic Air Tool comes installed with adjustable air regulators and the gauge included within delivers a high level of consistency with every application. The built-in automatic cut-off cylinder also increases productivity.


Easy to use, and a simple and quick application process, it takes roughly around 6 seconds to complete a full clamp cycle. Having this quick turnover of each application reduces operator fatigue and ensures a decent production rate within a busy environment. Although, it is possible to adjust the time between each application to match the operator's skill or to compensate for the difficulty of the application that is being clamped.

Simple Application

For a safe application, it should be noted that the air pressure should not be lower than 100 psi or higher than 120 psi.

Straightforward, once you have completed your cycle, release the pedal that you have been holding down throughout the process and the tool will automatically reset for the next cycle.


Please be aware, that when you are operating this Automatic Air Tool, do not place your fingers anywhere near or between the clamp band and the item being clamped, as they could be pinched and this could result in injury.

How to Successfully Tension & Lock a Clamp

  • Firstly, ensure you have set and/or checked the clamp pressure before anything else.
  • Next, slide the Band-IT Junior Clamp over your application, insert the tail of the clamp into the open slot of the backing plate in the head of the clamp tool, pushing the clamp tail in as far as you can. (Clamp buckle should almost be touching the backing plate in the tool head)
  • Keep a firm grip on the item that is being clamped. Ensure that you are holding the object so the clamp buckle is at the same level as the tail, keeping it horizontal at all times, and if required lift the object so that the weight of the assembly is not held by the clamp.
  • Lower the pedal of the foot control valve, holding it down as the tool operates through the cycle
  • Next, let the Automatic Air Tool tighten the clamp and observe the pull pressure. This tool will then automatically cycle and lower the pressure in the pull cylinder to the hold pressure.
  • Roll up the hose when the clamp hold gauge falls to the appropriate rollup pressure. Rotate the object being clamped upwards and place the clamp buckle underneath the shear hook of the machine.
  • Lastly, ensure you support the object that is being clamped as the cut-off cylinder automatically pushes the cam outwards to complete the cut-off operation.

Product Sheets

Automatic Air Tool Operator's Manual
Automatic Air Tool Operator's Manual