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Band-IT IT Series Heavy Duty Pneumatic Production Tools

The IT Series heavy duty pneumatic tools provide fast and easy application of stainless steel ties and clamps with extended service life and low maintenance. IT Series tools provide ergonomic design for ease of use by hand, heavy duty cut-off and tensioning components, an easy to maintain durable pneumatic system.
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Key product features


Clamp volume demands a production tool

Installation time should be minimized

Maximum installation uniformity and repeatability are required

Operator fatigue must be reduced

More time is needed between scheduled tool maintenance and calibration

IT Series Tools & Instructions

IT0750 - For all .177" wide mini Tie-Lok Ties - PDF

IT1000 - For all 1/4" Tie-Lok Ties - PDF

IT2000 - For all 1/4" BAND-IT Jr Clamps - PDF

IT5000 - For all 3/8" BAND-IT Jr Clamps - PDF

IT6000 - For all 3/8" Tie-Lok Ties - PDF


IT Series Tools can be fixtured into production systems. There are a variety of head configurations that allow installation of:

1/4" and 3/8" Tie-Lok Ties

1/4" Universal Clamps

Tie-Dex Bands

Micro Tie-Dex Bands